Dalesmen videos on YouTube:

This page archives video clips of The Dalesmen Singers concerts kept on the You Tube website. To view them simply click on the links below. .

1: Dalesmen Singers Tours 1994-2002 (Ron Kerrison)

The following set of unique videos taken and edited by Ron Kerrison, record some of the overseas trips undertaken and friendships made by the the Choir

1.1 In July 1995, the Dalesmen Singers entertained the Schneider Male Voice Choir from Kitchener, Ontario Canada for a very successful visit, a project started by Jim Muir in 1984. This first video records an amazing puppetry 'take-off' of the Dalesmen (spitting images?)

                                        Dalesmen Singers Silver Jubilee Puppetry

1.2 The following year 1996, the Dalesmen Singers made a return visit to Canada. The tour included 5 venues at each of which the choir members were hosted in Canadian choir member homes. The second video in this series shows the welcome at at Kitchener
                                         Canadian 1996 Tour Starting at Kitchener

1.3 Earlier in the Summer of 1994, the choir had a wonderful visit to Skara in Sweden, making some lasting friendships and the choirs have hosted each other no less than seven times
                                          Swedish Tour 1994

1.4 This video records a visit to Vernet-Les-Bains in the Pyrenees. As can be seen, although in France, it's music customs, language and food reflect its Catalan heritage. The choir has had three exchanges, two in France and one in England
                                          Vernet-Les-Bains 2002

2: Moorsholm Concert March 2010:

                                         1: The Dalesmen take their seats...

                                         2: Highland Cathederal

                                         3: Colliers Requiem

                                         4: Tebe Poem

                                         5: Rythm of Life

3: St Hilda's Egton March 2010:

                                         1: The basses and baritones performing

                                         2: Morte Criste

                                         3: When the Saints go marching in

                                         4: Be with us Lord this eventide