1: Visiting choirs and Schools:
We welcome schools to come along to rehersal and see how a real live choir gets its music
off the ground. Local or visiting choirs are also very welcome to join us on rehersal nights
phone Peter Etwell 07414898377 Don Smith 01287660574

2: Booking the Dalesmen Singers:
If you would like us to perform for you, please contact our Concert Secretary Peter Etwell: peteretwell@sky.com Phone 01287 773224

3: Hosted Choir Exchanges:
The Dalesmen Singers would like to invite any choirs at home or abroad, who would
be interested in hosted exchanges. Please contact the Concert Secretary, Peter Etwell: Phone 07414898377

 4: Joining the Choir:
Potential new members like might to come and see us in rehersal and are very welcome
Please phone: Phil Hunton 01287660105   Peter Etwell: Phone 07414898377 Don Smith 01287660574

5: News Press and Promotion:
Please contact Don Smith 01287660574