About the CD:

The 'Sound of the Dales' CD is the second recording to have been made by the Dalesmen Singers and was produced and recorded at Botton Village theatre in Danby Dale. The songs and music on disc have something for everyone, being an eclectic mix of music and styles from around the world. These include twenty songs in all ranging from the theme from the film Titanic, 'My heart will go on', to Vaughan Williams' arrangement of 'Farmers Boy'. The CD makes a lovely musical present and reminder from our concerts of the sound of the dales and you can hear a short selection of four of them from the buttons below.

Cost and Availability

The CD comes in a jewel box and can be obtained at any of the Dalesmen Concerts or from choir members known to you. The
price of the CD is £7: 50 plus postage and packaging. Enjoy!

                                            Play: Tebe Poem           Play: Farmers Boy            Play: The Stars Begin to Fall          Play: Be Still My Soul