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The amount of money raised through the CO-OP local charity support scheme is: £172-92


A Coop representative recently visited us during a Tuesday practice tea break to explain how we can raise funds for the Dalesmen Singers by purchasing Coop branded products.
If you want to help raise money for the Choir in this way and are not already a Coop member, just go to your local Coop and ask to speak to someone who can sign you up.
Once you are a member you need to register your card so that 1% of the value your purchases can then go to Dalesmen Singers (and a further 5% is put into your Coop membership account for you to spend next time). You can register either by phoning 0800 023 4708, or going online to
I have just done this and can see that at present £145.10 has been raised for the Dalesmen.
We shall be beneficiaries for the next six months so let’s see if we can raise a substantial amount.
P.S. If you buy a 5p bag when shopping, the 5p goes to the Dalesmen!
If you have any questions, ask me on a Tuesday night
Richard Atherton
Choir members please note: This is an easy way to raise money for the choir - perhaps friends and neighbours can be persuaded to help in this way too? (ed)












                          One Hundred Club Winners:

Year 2017
Jan: £75 Mrs Helen Brown, £25 B Richmond.
Feb: £75 Mrs B Thompson and £25 Mr Peter Smith
Mar £75 Mr Ian Pattinson, and £25 Mr Joe Laws
Apr: £75 Mrs D Atkinson £75 and Mr S Maltby £25
May £75 Mrs Penny Haywood and £25 Mr Joe Thompson.
Jun; £75 Grant Douglas and £25 Andrew Thompson
July £75 Mrs A Hargreaves, £25 Jim Muir.
Aug £75 Robert Kendall. £25 Colin Easterby
Sept £75 Grant Douglas, £25 Norman Green
Oct £75 Jim Muir and £25 Mrs Maureen Stewart







Tea Making Rota commencing 12th Sept 2017

Anderson & Atherton  12 September 2017
Banks & Barber  19 September
Brown & Collett 26 September
Dodsworth & Dorman 3 October
Etwell & Gilhespy 10 October
Green & Grout 17 October
Harforth & Hargreaves 24 October
Harrison J & Harrison N 31 October
Haywood & Hunto 7 November
Jeffels & Jones A 14 November
Jones D & Jones H 21 November
Kerrison & Kyle 28 November
Lane & Martin 5 December
Norbury & Pattinson 12 December
Pickard & Shearer 10 January
D Smith & J Smith 17 January
Stewart & Sutcliffe 24 January
Templeton & Thompson 31 January
Thrall & Watson 7 February
Webb & West 14 February
Williams & Windress 21 February



Dalesmen Singers Notification of Absence Forms:

In order to ensure that Choir and concert standards are met, it is important to regularly attend rehersals and and concerts performances and to notify the Musical Director if you are unable to do so. You can download the Notice of Absence Form to your computer by clicking on the link below.

  • Please remember that we should all aim at a minimum 75% attendance, which is the recommendation for all members of the National Association of Choirs.
  • If you have been ill or absent for an extended period, you may need to attend at least two rehearsals before you sing at the next concert depending on whether you missed the introduction of some new music, etc... talk to the M. D.
  • Please return this sheet to the Musical Director. This can be done by printing off a hard copy.

                                           Click here to download  Leave of Absence form 2015