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  Lindsay Barber steps down after 2 successful years as Chairman. Thanks for all the hard work Lindsay!!   Mike Anderson steps up to take over the reins as the Dalesmen Singer's new chairman.

The Dalesmen Timeline Notice Board
Scroll down to see Dalesmen news, notices and info.

The Dalesmen Singers Illusion
Take a look at this illusion which was a previous winner in the international Best Illusion of the Year Competition

New Music!

Choir Music Centre 'Top 12' learning additions

Now Available

Bohemian Rapsody
Waters of Tyne

One Hundred Club December &
Christmas Draw
December draw Jayne Thompson £75 Mrs B Thompson £25.
Christmas draw Mrs J Dowson £73 and Mrs B Blackburn £73

The Tea Rota!

Dalesmen singers -Tea Duty
  Surname First Name
18 January 2022 Harrison Neil
  Haywood John
25 January 2022 Hunton Phil
  Jones David
1 February 2022 Jones Harold
  Kerrison Ron
8 February 2022 Kershaw Neil
  Kyle Gerard
15 February 2022 Lane Mike
  Norbury Philip
22 February 2022 Pattinson Ian
  Pickard Mike
1 March 2022 Smith John
  Stewart Jim
8 March 2022 Sutcliffe Roger
  Templeton Frank
15 March 2022 Thrall Geoff
  Trousdale Chris
22 March 2022 Webb Duncan
  West Ray
29 March 2022 Anderson Mike
  Atherton Richard
5 April 2022 Barber Lindsay
  Dodsworth Ian
12 April 2022 Dowson John
  Etwell Peter
19 April 2022 Farr Tony
  Green Norman
26 April 2022 Grout Colin
  Hannaford Kevin
3 May 2022 Harforth David
  Hargreaves Andrew
10 May 2022 Harris Stuart
  Harrison Neil
17 May 2022 Haywood John
  Hunton Phil
24 May 2022 Jones David
  Jones Harold
31 May 2022 Kerrison Ron
  Kershaw Neil

The Dalesmen Singers have a world wide audience!
Who would have guessed that the Dalesmen have a growing world wide audience Over the Christmas period our website was visited by people from around the globe including ten fans from China!


The Dalesmen Story video can now be seen on You Tube
To view the video click on this link Play the video


Colin Easterby's message to the choir:
'Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all'
...and to you Colin, good to see you at the 50th Anniversary celebrations (ed)

The choir was in terrific form on Gala Night. To watch the video Click here


To view the Dalesmen 50th anniversary celebrations

Click Here

This years Gala Night held in the Methodist church in Danby proved to be a resounding success

Gala Night raised £1200 for two charities. Here, the Motor Neurone Disease Association are seen receiving their cheque.

President Jim Muir at the restored commemorative seat in Danby, with two founding choir members: Colin Grout and John Thompson. They have been with the choir for 50 years!

The 2021 Dalesmen Singers choir members created in DMS letters and musical notes.
(click start arrow to view video)

Chairmans Message: Joe Harrison and Phil Brown have decided to call it a day and retire from the Choir. They will be much missed Thanks to Joe for all his years of heaving DS equipment around for concerts and to Phil for selling quantities of CDs!

One Hundred Club Draw October: £75. - Mrs S Morbey (c/o Mrs A Windress £25: Mrs H Brown (c/o Alan Jones)

Dalesmen chairman Lindsay Barber and President Jim Muir open the 50th Anniversary event. A great success and thoroughly enjoyable day for all!

The Dalesmen Singers and friends celebrate the 50th anniversary

Greetings from Skara

Thankyou Skara! Lovely to see you and hear you in fine voice!

       50th Anniversary Radio Publicity
Listen to the Radio Tees Breakfast Talk Show interview with Chris Trowsdale
                         (click start button on the pic)

The Dalesmen's Seat Gets a Makeover!

This photo shows the Dalesmens bench, gifted to Danby Parish Council on the occasion of the 25th anniversary

After: This is how it looks now to commemorate our 50th!

Thanks to Robert Harrison and Sons!

New Tea Rota

With Gala Night rapidly coming over the horizon (16th Oct) the Dalesmen rehearse the 'Battle Hymn of the Republic' with our popular guest soprano on the night, Susanna Clarke

Chairman's Message: Our Anniversary Event is only a few weeks away now. Do keep telling family and friends about it. I have a few invitation cards left. Let me know if you need more so that we can get some more run off.

One Hundred Club Draw July:

First prize £75 - Joe Harrison. Second prize £25 £25. Robert Kendal (c/o Audrey Windress)


The 'Dalesmen on line concert This is Our House has now been viewed by a large audience, achieving 700 hits on You Tube! If you would like a copy of the the video, you can down load it from!AuOobDg0jE7GgSoHVcingeon567K?e=0jL26h


Back Then: The Dalesmen Singers Silver Anniversary!
Twenty five years ago the Dalemen Singers celebrated their first twenty five years in style. To commemorate the occasion a bench was donated to the Danby Parish Council - and it is still there today!
You can see the bench on the little green in front of the semi circle of houses down from the village hall

Choir Rehersals to restart in the Methodist Chapel
Before you come
If you have any COVID symptoms or have recently been in contact with an infected person please inform a committee member and do not attend.
If you have recently returned from travel outside the UK please inform a committee member and observe quarantine as appropriate.
On Arrival 
Wear a face mask and keep it on until you are settled in your seat. Keep it on when you are moving around the Chapel.
Have hand sanitiser with you and use it before entering.
Sit in your voice groups as usual with no more than two people to each row so that you are well spread out. 
If you are short of any music please inform the Librarian in advance. This will also minimise moving around.
Socialising should take place outdoors only.
There will be no tea break. Rehearsal will run from 19:30 to 21:00 without a break.
The Chapel doors will be kept open to improve ventilation.
At the end
Put your mask on and move outdoors. Don’t stand around chatting indoors.


The moment to remember when the Dalesmen first met outside after a year and a half in lockdown

Obituary; Robin Gilhespy
The Dalesmen Singers have lost a valued member in Robin Gillespy who died in a hospital on Saturday 3rd Jully. He managed to keep up attendance via Zoom meetings all through the months of lockdown but his illness worsened and prevented him from joining us when we began to meet outdoors. We shall miss his cheerful and friendly presences in the Choir and extend our sincerestsympathies to his wife and family. The funeral will take place in St Mary's Moorsholm at 2:45 on Tuesday 27th July

One Hundred Club Draw June: First prize £75 - Mrs S Smith. Second prize £25 Mr Chris Harrison,

Following Keith Martin's retirement, Harold Jones(left) has taken on the role of the Choir's welfare officer. Best wishes to Keith as he goes on his way

'This Is Our House' video now available for viewing on You Tube, click here http'/


Thanks to all the choir members contributing on line or live to the 'This is Our House' video. Twelve songs were recorded and the final video is now being edited and will shortly be available on You Tube

Dalesmen Virtual Concert Recording Session 15th June

Venue: From the Chapel, go over rail and river bridges Beech Bank is thefirst house on the right (set back in the trees). 6pm start
Uniform: Black folders, Dalesmen yellow shirt, tie and green sweater
Programme: Assemble and choir sound check, Straight-through sound recording of all the music. Short break and refreshments. Choir video of all the music last verses
General: There is limited parking at Beech Bank Sandwiches on arrival can be provided for working D'men

Choir Members 2021


Chairmans June Programme Update
Outdoor rehearsal 7pm - 9pm [If poor weather: Zoom rehearsal as previously]
15/6/2021 Recording Session at Mike Pickard’s home in the garden,  6pm
22/6/2021 Brochure Meeting (Zoom) 2pm
  DS Committee (Zoom) 7pm
29/6/2021 Rehearsal at Danby Chapel (indoors if permitted* otherwise outdoors)

One Hundred Club May Draw: £75 Andrew Hargreaves. £25 Mrs D. Atkinson

An 80th Birthday!
Congratulations to Colin Easterby on 14th May for reaching the grand old age of eighty! Colin, a fine bass is currently resident in Larpool Lane Care Home at 1 Larpool Ln, Whitby YO22 4JE. To read about Colin's musical journey through life click here

One Hundred Club April Draw: £75 Keith Martin, £25 Philip Norbury

Anniversary Brochure Adverts
Choir members please note that we now have an attractive flyer to be handed out to your local businesses - for them to see how they can advertise their wares in our anniversary brochure. More later!...

Planned events for April and May
24th April

Zoom Rehersal: Tenors 7pm, Bass/Bari 8pm

4th May 1: Brochure meeting 2pm
2: Anniversary committee (if required)
11th May Zoom Rehersal: Tenors 7pm, Bass/Bari 8pm
18th May DS Committee meeting (Zoom) 
25th May

1: Brochure meeting 2pm (if required)
2: Proposed live rehersal, Danby Chapel front, start 7pm tbc

                 Memory Lane
2013 saw five Dalesmen on TV, lead by John Watson in the 'Eggheads' quiz programme -  valiantly taking on the resident experts, but alas to no avail!


              About Recruiting New Members!
After the long lockdown when we start meeting together again would be a good time for new members to join us. The Chairman recently put a note out about those small green invitation cards we produced (please change the phone number to your own) and a reminder to be on the lookout for new members


Zoom Rehearsals: Next Zoom rehearsal is Tues 13th April.

100 Hundred Club Draw: March Ruth Maltby £75, Peter Etwell £25

New Easy Learn Music now in Music Centre
4: All through the night
14: Gaudeamus
75: Stout Hearted Men

(The Chairman writes): Happy Birthday Jim! We sent our President birthday greetings for his 91st birthday last Tuesday. Unfortunately Jim is still unwell with shingles so we wish him a swift return to good health as well as “Many Happy Returns”


Chairman's Covid Update: From 29th March groups of 6 will be able to meet outdoors so that outdoor video recording for a possible online concert is possible - from 17th May groups of 30 can meet outdoors so we can consider outdoor rehearsals and performances.

Roger Sutcliffe's On Line Concert!
Roger is performing an online one-man concert on Thurs 18 March 7.00 pm, Details to get in are as follows;
or ;

One Hundred Club Feb Draw: Andy Dyer £75 and M&C Laws £25

Advance Notice! Following the wide reach of our Christmas concert, another virtual performance is being planned to go online after Easter! The visual theme will be about our place here in The North Yorks Moors and the plan is to record the Choir in a single outdoors session

50th Anniversary Celebrations:
Chris Trousdale has designed a lovely flier to promote our fiftieth year celebrations.This is to be used by all our Choir members to help raise funds for the event by approaching local businesses to take up advertising space.. A full anniversary brochure about the Choir is currently under way

21st Feb 2021:

Zoom Rehearsals:
Every month on the 2nd and 4th Tueday, until Apr 27, 2021
        Feb 23, 2021 19:00
        Mar 9th and 23rd, 2021 19:00
        Apr 13th and 27th, 2021 19:00

14th Feb 2021:

The Dalesmen 50th Anniversary celebrations will take place as an all day community event in Danby Village Hall on Saturday 18th September. The Choir will be joined by the Castleton Ladies Singing for Pleasure choir, and Simply Brass, There will be an exhibition, digital displays, videos and food and drink!

2nd Feb 2021
Message from the Chairman:
Good to see so many of you at last night's zoom rehearsal. The two-session format seemed to work well so we are going to continue with this format until further notice with sessions starting at 7pm and 8pm. Rehearsal dates are the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month

1st Feb 2021
One Hundred Club Draw: January £75 Anna Windress and Mrs S Smith £25

21st Jan 2021
The Dalesmen Virtual Christmas concert from the Methodist Chapel in Danby proved to be a huge success with over 2000 views on You Tube and One Drive and Facebook. We are planning to do another virtual concert some time after Easter Virtual Christmas Concert  

14th Jan 2021

We were sad to hear of the death of Dave Windress on 13/01/2021. He died at home after a recent diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  Only a few days before he had been continuing to care for his pedigree herd of 20 limousine cattle, which were his pride and joy, and his flock of sheep.

Dec 2019: Our last live concert before Covid!

Oct 2019: Our last live Gala Concert before Covid!