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cgiue byn 1st Tenor Anthem Chess 1st Tenor Going Home  
  1st Tenor If I ruled the world    
  1st Tenor Let there be light    
  1st Tenor Voice of singing    
  1st Tenors Speed your journey    

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Shepherd, Shepherd 3 General 1st Tenor Going Home
Jesus shall reign 20 Sage 2020, General 1st Tenor If I ruled the world
Colliers Requiem 22 Sage 2020, General 1st Tenors Speed your journey
Riders in the Sky 27 General Yes
Give me that old time religion 31 General  
You'll Never Walk Alone 33 General Yes
Only You 34 General Yes
Sailing 42 General  
God's Choir 44 General, Xmas  
With a voice of singing 50 General Yes
My Lord What a morning 51 General Yes
Do you hear the people sing 53 General  
As Long as I have Music 56 General Yes
Anthem (from Chess) 60 General Yes
Amen 61 General Yes
Hallelujah 62 General Yes
Goin' Home 64 General Yes
Working Man 68 General Yes
American Trilogy 79 General Yes
Silver Birch 80 General  
Song of the Jolly Roger 84 General  
Ilkla Mooar 89 General Yes
Rhythm of Life 90 General  
Nessun Dorma 98 General Yes
She 99 General Yes
Gloria 100 General, Xmas Yes
You raise me up 105 General  
Let the Earth Resound 110 General, Xmas Yes
Morte Criste 112 General Yes (under Albert Hall)
I believe 113 General Yes
Bridge over troubled 116 Sage 2020, General Yes
Stenka Razin 119 General  
I dreamed a dream 123 General  
Grace & Doxology 131 General  
Gwahoddiad (I hear thy welcome)  134 General  
Take me home 149 General  
Cavalry of the steppes 165 General  
National Anthem 181 General  
Oh when the saints 183 General  
Bring Him Home 194 Sage 2020, General Yes
When I'm 64 234 General  
Yesterday 235 General  
Bobby Shafto 239 General Yes
What would I do without my music 244 Sage 2020, General Yes
This Place Called Home 247 Event, General  
Neapolitan Trilogy 248 Sage 2020, General Yes
Memory (Cats) 249 Sage 2020, General Yes
The Policeman's Chorus 250 General, Event